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Stay Informed! Strait from the horse's mouth . . 

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TBWH custom designs and facilitates experiential learning opportunities with horses to help teams - their members, managers and leaders - optimize strengths and explore challenges with this exciting and unique learning model.


Founder and lead facilitator Cori Nichols brings her creativity, expertise and enthusiasm to custom create activities to meet clients' goals.  All workshops co-facilitated with members of the herd -  horses chosen for this work because of their various quirks, personalities and habits.

Let our team help your team succeed! 







                   What will you do?

                       Have a peak at these sample activities

                      ""Come Together"

                            "Team Penning"   





Horses are 100% honest, 100% of the time. No matter who you are, the horse will be an authentic team-member who will let you know if things are working - or not. And most often, they'll give you plenty of chances to get it right.  Without judgement.

They teach us to be present, honest, clear and committed.


And, like people, horses come with a wide range of personalities, moods and quirks. They'll react differently to each person and each situation.



The horse's herd mentality offers powerful leadership lessons. A horse will respect a herd leader who demonstrates awareness, fairness (consistency) and respect guiding towards a goal. Horses will challenge a leader who is vague, confusing or lacking commitment to the good of the group.


As a tool of survival - horses are highly sensitive to nonverbal stimulus, They're experts at reading the most subtle behaviors and body language of people - posture and expressions, determination and emotional charge. They seem to sense a personal level of trust, confidence, awareness and interpersonal skill providing us with valuable, visible and uncensored feedback immediately. And with this information, we learn if, when and how we need to do something differently to meet their particular needs at the time.

How better to practice the necessary shifts to effectively lead and manage? Think: co-workers, board members, employees, patients, clients, prospects.

Come, play with horses. See what happens.

Complimentary demonstrations scheduled year-round.

Absolutely no horse experience is required.

All HorsePlay activities take place on the ground.

There is no riding.


Safe and suitable for those with physical impairments or limitations.


Health Care Teams
Human Service & Direct Support Providers
Educators, School Administrators
Team Leaders & Managers
Sales Professionals
Boards of Directors
Restaurant & Hospitality Teams
Entrepreneurs . . . ..  



*Forbes "Why Team-Building is the Most Important Investment You'll Make"

*The Journals of Business "The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Business"

*TRUST:  What the Google Study Found About Great Teams


Working with horses helps build people-skills!

Our team-building activities are fun - and powerful for teams and team members to:

  • form and deepen social bonds with one another

  • contribute to positive team-culture

  • discover individual and team strengths 

  • solve problems in new ways

  • broaden awareness of communication 

  • explore alternate methods of interaction

  • develop leadership

As opposed to stressful ropes courses or a wordy motivational speaker, team-building with horses provides a unique and exciting learning experience. During your team-building activity, participants will have fun, be challenged and make constructive discoveries about themselves and others.  

CURIOUS?  Take our free Team Strengths Discovery here.


"This was an excellent experience. The exercises helped my staff become much more aware of their non-verbal communications and better understand the impact of their tone and manner of verbal communication. Feedback from staff was positive and I personally found the entire program to help me to better communicate with my employees, patients and the public."

- Steve Kelley. CEO Ellenville Regional Hospital 

It was a beautiful bonding team-building experience with amazing animals and humans - will stay with me for a long time."

C. S.

"I learned so much through this experience. I'm blown away by the subtlety and depth of communication that is possible between humans and horses"

Participant of the HorsePlay Experience

"As a manager, It was a tremendous gift to be able to share this experience with staff and see them working together in different environment. We learned a lot about each other, how we work as a team, and how we can improve. The experience really highlighted each person’s individual strengths and reinforced that when we blend our strengths together we are highly successful. Everyone expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to experience EAP at Horseplay.”

Kimberly Addesso, Manager, PHP Adolescent Program, HVHA Kingston


"Horses are of great value in helping humans to understand better our approach and interpretation to situations.”

D. Briggs, Dir. of Human Resources, Ellenville Regional Hospital, Ellenville, NY.



How long are workshops?

Workshops can run 2-3 hours, all day, or all weekend. Fees are based on duration and group size.


Do I have to ride?

No, there is no riding involved and no horse experience is necessary. All activities take place on the ground.


What do I wear?

This is outdoor stuff. We do have covered areas in which to work, but there is no heated or air conditioned space. Please come prepared for temperatures, precipitation and outdoor conditions. Remember  too, that you'll be working with horses. Wear clothes that can get dirty and closed-toe shoes . No sandals.

How many people can come?

Groups can range from 2 -22 participants. Additional participants can observe and/or rotate into activities.

How much does it cost?

Let's discuss. You can afford this! Discounted rates for non-profits , schools and civic organizations.

What about catering and transportation?

Choose from BYO to catering coordinated  for you.

Shuttle service to and from greater NYC, airports and other points and accommodations if desired.


Is it safe?

Safety always comes first. Our seasoned and professional staff will vigilantly safeguard  both participants and horses alike. 

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Your co-worker today.HEIC
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